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Technology lease options make cutting edge technology affordable. Go green and stay lean. Upgrade your technology and lower your total operating costs.

Technology Rotation Leasing!

Competitive Computer Equipment Financing!

Sun Enterprise Server Systems!

Wireless Mobile Computers!

Network Storage Systems!

We finance a wide range of business computer hardware and software needs small business needs to enterprise class servers. We can customize a program to fit your technology equipment and software needs. Advanced funding options for large projects available. 

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Sun Servers Office Equipment Computer Equipment

We can fund new and used commercial computer equipment leases.

Customize Software Leasing!

WMS Software Project Funding!

Funding Advance for Qualified Vendors!

Business enterprise equipment and software financing programs.


Equipment Types

Computer Equipment Wireless Networking Business Software Enterprise Servers Automated Systems
Network Storage Sun Blade Systems Sun Sparc Servers Tape Drive Systems Web Video Monitoring
Office Equipment Mobile Computers Handheld Computers Rugged Laptops Cisco Routers
Solaris Packages ERP Management Systems Software Integration Computer Work Stations Scanning & Bar Coding
WMS Management Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope Office Computer Equipment Rack Mounted Systems Pick to Light Systems
Tape Libraries Video Streaming Web Portal Equipment Wireless Routers Automated Storage
Sun Fire Servers Fiber Optical Routers Satellite Phones Rugged PDA's Pick to Voice
Printing Equipment Electron Microscopes Integrated Security Access Control Systems Biometric Security

Blue Water specializes in Technology business equipment financing and leasing. We stand ready to help you expand your business opportunities.


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Blue Water Capital Leasing, Inc.

4600 North Fairfax Dr, Suite 1200

Arlington,  VA 22203

Tel 1.888.480.8532,  Fax: 1.703.584.7106 












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Network Storage Systems Dallas, Cisco Routers Dallas, mobile computers Dallas

Affordable Technology!

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Competitive Technology leasing allows your business to acquire cutting edge technology for low monthly payments.  Advanced funding for system integraton projects.

Application Only to 150K

Technology Leasing

Small business equipment financing available. Including start-up businesses with less than 2 years and less than perfect credit customers. Advanced project funding for qualified vendors.

Advanced Project Funding

We fund a large variety of equipment leases. Business enterprise computers and software leasing programs. New and used servers and storage systems. Large project systems integrations. SAP ERP software systems integrations. Office and mobile computers. RFID Labeling Equipment, WMS Software Systems and more.

Lease Finance Plans
One Page Application for up to 150K
Delayed payment plans for startup.
Skip payment plans for seasonal business.
Rack mounted systems Arlington, Computer Work Stations McKinney, Integrated security systems Dallas Biometric security systems Garland, Access control systems Fort Worth, Storage Area Networks Houstonn

Expanding your business horizon!

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